Fried Mashed Potatoes, Leftovers + continuing the conversation of food waste.

Imagine us, it’s the morning after one of our bigger meals, and after cleaning up the kitchen (at least a little) and which includes wiping off the stove and turning on the kettle- it’s always a custom to see what we can do with the leftovers for breakfast.  For this morning, it’s the leftover cottage cheese mashed potatoes, some various veg and on the side of very cheap, holiday ham (my grandma’s favourite and a little on the salty side). I won’t eat the ham, but it’s there for the group anyways.

My plan is to create patties made out of the cheesy potatoes, and all I really need to do is add some eggs and flour to make a cohesive substance.

I’m a savoury food person in the morning too, so having some vegetables on the side, on the tart and sour note is always a joy. I know most don’t agree with me.

Above is the series of pictures showing how butt-easy the process is. It was literately a bowl of leftover potatoes, two eggs and enough flour. I suggest seasoning it a little more, maybe a bit of salt, pepper and nutmeg.

For a bit of variety, I coated some of the patties in cornmeal- but in all honesty, both were delicious. The cornmeal added a crunch that is appreciated, and that slight satisfying grit.


You are then going to warm up your cast iron pan, and add just enough butter to have a good fry. I suggest keeping the heat at medium, maybe a tad lower- to keep better control on the heat of the pan itself.

What I love about this dish is that it uses leftovers up so simply. Maybe mashed potatoes are a bad example of ways to continue the usage- but this pattie is jus the easiest. If you have more, you could do gnocchi, croquettes, or even a potato based bread.

Plate the patties up with whatever you desire, today I used sour cream, fresh dill and a small side salad. Serve with a big mug of black tea and milk- and you’ll be a very happy person.


For kicks, the carrot salad is just carrot, mustard and pickle brine.


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