Carrots as an Almost Main Dish. You also have choices.

It’s the summer season, and I’m hoping that your BBQ isn’t outta propane and you’re not too lazy to go to the store and buy charcoal- because man-oh-man, here we are with the option to absorb some sunlight and eat outdoors.

Trying to expand my vegetable grilling techniques- this dish was an adventure into the unknown of wanting to create a dish that was almost main dish worthy, and relatively easy to make. (Though I feel it wasn’t completely at the main dish point yet).

The choice ingredient in hand and house was carrots. You know… the big orange things- usually cheaper to buy them in 5 pound bags, and mostly used chopped up raw, or as a background note in a soup or sauce?

Primarily though- it was used to feed a big family for a cheap price.


Above is a picture of said dish. Below will be the recipe:

And by recipe, I’m thinking it will just be a rough estimate of what it was.


Pick your favourite orange vegetables, and I’m talking any orange ones you have. In my example, it was carrots and sweet potatoes. I also chose an onion that needed to be used up.
Slice the orange veg. into pieces that will work for you and your grill. We have an abundant of choices here, and I promise that you won’t feel pushed into a corner. Really, go wild. Put into a pot of cold salted water, and bring up to a boil and cook until at the beginning stages of tender. I mention this, because there is going to be a secondary method of cooking, that will not only further cook your vegetables- but add some char and smokey notes.
While the veg is boiling and doing it’s thing. You can do other things.
My favourite next choice would be to clean and warm up the grill. Turn it on a medium heat, and close the lid to really get it warming up relatively quickly.
My next favourite choice would be to start the hummus, i.e chickpea-puree that lays underneath the dish itself. For this, you’ll need a can of chickpeas, strained and rinsed- but do keep some of the canning liquid to help thin out the blending chickpeas. You’ll need tahini, garlic, salt, lemon juice and a touch of olive oil to add some luxury to your pallet. To be fair though, I find the olive oil to make it a little too rich for every day fare- but you have choices.
Add everything to your blender and blend. Add the reserved chickpea liquid to create a smooth- but bodied puree- and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready. I’m curious to see what a warmed up puree would taste alongside this. I’ll tell you guys in the winter months.
Now to start grilling the vegetables. I chose to toss the orange veg. in vegetable oil- and seasoned as you should (salt, pepper, anything else). The onion, I chose to skewer, and brush with the oil. Even then, with the onion- it became soft and limp and not the easiest to cook, but it was sweet and smokey.
Cook everything until done. Layer the dish with the hummus on the bottom layer, lay the vegetables in a pattern that fits your life, and garnish with sage flowers and chopped overgrown green onions.
Pretty easy vegetable dish. I gave it at a solid 4/5.



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