Pickles: Summer sort of.

My brothers have been working at the farm this year, and with that comes with the leftover not-so-perfect-vegetables that they are able to bring home for close to nothing (if not nothing) and the ability to buy wholesale veg and fruit at a super great price. For example, I had to this great idea to process a good 24 jars of tomatoes and I told my brother to come back to me with a price and hopefully I can get them well below $$ 1.00 a pound. I’ll keep you guys updated if that’s actually a thing to come true.

That being said, leftovers and new things of small jars are the hype thing to do in the household. Pickling, canning and even the refrigerator pickle is the thing to do. Lacto-Fermenting is always a thing to do.

We’re suffocating in gigantic zucchini, squash and cucumbers that are too big, and mealy to really enjoy eating on their own. So a quick vinegar, sugar and spiced liquid- heated properly and poured over, is a beautiful condiment on it’s own. I’ve been also experimenting with under ripe fruit, specifically peaches- for a spiced pickle. I’m hoping to soon have a reason to open the jar I made.

Notice there’s a process of doing this- perfect fruit went into bags to be frozen, mushy fruit went to the side- to be made into mixed compost jelly (peach, strawberry, pear, apple +hibiscus for colour) and the under ripe fruit went into jars to be processed into a spiced pickle. I was trying to think of what to do with the pits… dried and ground down into a exfoliant? 

Today, I was focusing on processing and trying to use up some cucumber and zucchini on the side that’s been sitting to the side for ages. I’ve had great luck with a sweet turmeric pickle for the zucchini- sliced thin, it was super popular on burgers last year. I also chopped some up finely for a spicy relish of sorts- and finally there are some cucumbers that were sliced finely…and will be made into either a fermented product or maybe just quickly into a dill pickle. I haven’t decided.


I’ll include some links below to get you inspired and into pickling (maybe at least one jar) for the later seasons.

About Pickling,

Carrots? You always have too much carrots.

Rose Petals, Yes!

the classic.


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