Almost a month into this:

I’m almost a month into this diet change- no meat- more veg.

Things I’ve noticed:

  1. Some more energy
  2. statistically better sleeps
  3. forced creativity.
  4. disagreements between family member

As stated above,  it’s mostly all good- some bad. I’m guessing the some bad came from the learning curve this introduced. Being the major cook in this house (and working ridiculous hours before being laid off this month)- I was rarely home to cook, be that social creature trying to find the balance to make everyone happy, and finding meals that would bring everyone together. Thus, it was rough to shake up the crowd a bit.

But we lived, the eldest brother/son of the family took up cooking for the family- even accommodating meals for me at times (if it were easy enough). As it is right now, there are two soups cooking, one being the pasta and chicken for the rest of the household and the tinier of the two, being this simple vegetable broth, lentil one. Cottage Cheese Cornbread will be served with the both (and i’m excited to have something soothing and warm!).

Some recipes that stuck out to me this month were, the cauliflower buffalo bites via Hot for Food ( a youtube channel i watch pretty regularly), instant falafel for lunches was a big hit! and mason-jarred salads if i found myself to be organized before work (useful: because they didn’t dip the dressing all over my backpack).  I thought I would be eating more humus, salad rolls, steamed tofu and padthai- but i haven’t.

Something that keeps me motivated in eating this way, is making sure i have a steady supply of fresh vegetable choices, and some vague ingredient guidance. Some inspiration if you will. Problem is, I haven’t felt like heading to the grocery store, and my body has been craving the last few days anything sweet and carb heavy. My go to snacks this week were Chinese new year theme candies and sesame things.

Goals for this month:

Work on my recipe goals, feel a little less pale and get out more.  How do you even expand on this diet to stick it to my spirit a bit better? I’m anxious to be in more social situations.

Prior to I was this all interested in everything food- including an interest in meat- trying to justify to myself if i were going to eat meat- better go all out, really value the animal at heart, learn ways to prepare it the way possible, and be as knowledgeable as i could be.

I feel like it’s going to be weird being vocal about this, when I have to be. Does it have to be weird though?


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