Conversation 1: Food Waste; introduction of “to go boxes” in France

Something that’s always been a norm here is being able to take the food you didn’t eat home with you, at whatever restaurant you are at. Hell, it could even be a cafe.

My favorite part of this, is that your able to make meals out of leftovers.  The best example for me, is spending buttloads on a beautiful local Indian restaurant- having this beautiful spread where I decide to buy rice AND naan, two sides and the notorious mango lassi. Of course this is all a filling meal, and I’m always looking forward of being able of just eating half of it, and knowing the next morning for breakfast I’ll have the best breakfast I can have.

This is something I couldn’t imagine not having- though it never occurred to me that it wasn’t the way society ran in Europe, France especially.

Recently France has been in the news for it’s ideas of how it’s going to be dealing with food waste- introducing a law that makes grocery stores give away whatever food comes up to it’s expire date and there has been interesting commercials of this one grocery store dealing with the “less appealing” vegetable market. Two real initiatives I feel that deal with waste and what can help with local poverty.

Now, here on my youtube feed there is a video talking about a new law France is trying to make happen- which is a little more interesting, because they’re trying to reshape current eating culture.

They’re trying to force restaurants to have and offer “take out containers/doggy bags” for clients who may not have finished their food. Prior to- this act was especially frowned upon, only weirdos and foreigners were consider to even ask for it.

Of course some seem hesitant of it, and many seem hopeful. Stating that in just a few years, this will hopefully catch up and will be a common need in the dinning scene.

What came into my head while watching this small news video earlier, was the new considered container waste coming into play here. What comes into a big problem here is the amount of Styrofoam containers that come from food containers. .

Maybe they’ll find a smart way of dealing with that.

How does Canada  fit into the food security theme? What are we doing to help people eat and make sure the food that we grow nationally and import- isn’t wasted? Is there a conversation in the House of Commons happening right now? + Food Security in the North. Hopefully with this blog, I can slowly find out and investigate more about my local problems and what could be solutions.

Articles talked about:

France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

Intermarche- “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”


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